TLIC3005 – Drive heavy combination vehicle


Heavy combination (HC) driver assessment is required for any heavy combination unit towing one or more trailers, each having a gross vehicle mass greater than 9 tonnes. As a Registered Training Organisation, Wrightway Road Training Pty Ltd is an Authorised Provider of HR training and assessment within Western Australia. Assessment of this unit is undertaken within a licensing examination under the authority of Western Australia Department of Transport.

WRT offers a fleet of eight trailers and five prime movers. The prime movers offer 18 speed Road Ranger gearboxes, synchromesh or automated manual transmission (AMT) types.

You (or your employer) decide which gearbox type suits your requirements. This is advised to WRT prior to booking the first training session.


To be granted a licence to drive HC (heavy combination) class vehicles students must:

  • have held a licence authorising you to drive C (car) class vehicles for at least three (3) years; and
  • have held a licence authorising you to drive an MR (medium rigid) or HR (heavy rigid) vehicles for at least one (1) year.

Learning to drive a HC (heavy combination) can commence on attaining an MR (medium rigid) HR (heavy rigid) motor driver’s licence, and holding it for at least one year.

Applicants must be able to read and comprehend English to enable them to meet safety requirements on-site at the RTO.


Driving lessons are undertaken with a licensed driving instructor who holds the same or higher class on their driver’s licence. Training and assessment is carried out at the Wrightway road training faculties at 254 Kelvin Road Orange Grove and neighbouring roads/freeways, or in country areas, using clients own vehicles.

The programme combines face-to-face trainer led and practical sessions involving individual activities. You will be required to learn and then be assessed against theory relating to driving an HR vehicle.

Each driving training session is delivered in-cab or around a class specific vehicle. Safe operations training sessions are delivered in the training room and in the yard. Wrightway Road training driver trainers:

  • realise that each person is an individual with unique attributes;
  • has the ability to develop a learning plan to suit each client’s needs;
  • operates well maintained vehicles appropriate for driver training;
  • provides lessons after 6:00 AM on work days and on weekends, by arrangement.

Driving involves the application of routine vehicle driving principles and procedures to maintain safe operations of a heavy combination vehicle across a variety of driving contexts.

The Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) is only conducted when the Wrightway Road Training trainer/assessor observes the student is prepared and ready for assessment.

Course duration

The duration of the course will be dependent on the skills and knowledge of the candidate and is assessed during and at the end of each lesson. Student Development Plan’s (SDP) are initiated when some impediment to learning becomes obvious to the trainer. SDPs focus on competencies that the student needs to prioritise so they can achieve their desired outcome from their training sessions.

Two-hour blocks – WRT offers training over two-hour blocks over a period of time. Initially a two-hour pre-assessment session is booked where our trainer can help you to determine their best plan to achieve your objective.

Two-day course – for current experienced heavy rigid (HR) drivers. Day one includes three two-hour practical training sessions. During Day one it is normal to include the additional one hour theory session in the Classroom. Day Two includes a two hour warm up session followed by a two hour practical driving assessment session.

Automatic two day course, HC-A

  • Two-day training (one-on-one) session;
  • 8 hours practical training, 1 hour theory session, 2 hour practical driver assessment;
  • Students must know their rules of the road.

Each programme is organised to provide participants with background information and skills in providing safe driving practices effectively and the opportunity to apply these skills in the workplace.

Practical driving assessment

The Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) is only conducted when the Wrightway Road Training trainer/assessor observes the student is prepared and ready for assessment. The assessment will include:

  • Assessment of knowledge conducted through appropriate written and/or oral tests
  • Practical assessment activities in a class appropriate vehicle
  • Practical assessment on actual on roads and highways, providing an appropriate range of typical workplace situations including: pre-trip and mid-trip inspection and trailer coupling and uncoupling procedures.
If you have previous experience we can tailor a course to suit your driving ability
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